I am called to forget my unworthiness and that of my brother and sister,
and love them, and to laugh at any notion of worthiness.
— Thomas Merton


This quote above by Merton captures a bit of the accepting spirit you will encounter at Lake Chelan Lutheran Church.  Here are a few more from our own members:

It’s not a have to, this going to church, it’s a want to.
I want God. I want to hear God’s voice in my life.
I want to live life in color and not black and white.
People pray at this church.
Everything here is steeped in prayer.
It is profound and unusual.
This church connects me to the whole, quiets my soul.
From this place I receive a fullness and return to my week,
reconnected with the whole.
People are themselves.
Some are weird, some are broken, some joyful –
and it all comes together.
Church offers perspective to my woes – calls forth life on a larger stage –
sets my sights on all good things, softens the rigid places of my heart,
beckons me towards home.
Worship: there is life in it. It always feels alive –
even though it’s the same words.