This Lutheran bit is old.  All the way back to the big man, Martin Luther, circa 1500.  He wasn't happy with how things were going in the Church of his day, and let it be known.  Little did he know his discontent would trigger the Protestant Reformation - one of the greatest shifts in the Church since its creation.  

Fast forward five centuries, through the formation of the United States in 1776, the creation of Washington State in 1889, the creation of Chelan in 1902, and you find little ole' Lake Chelan Lutheran Church.  Founded in the 1940's, the first service was held in the Eagles Hall above the old Seattle Bank on Wooden Avenue.  Since then the church has steadily served its members and the community.  Helen Bolstad took the time to write a history a few years back of those early years.  But these facts and figures miss the real history:  every week we come to celebrate a risen Savior!  We come to worship God, take Holy Communion, and offer our humble prayers.  

If you haven't attended church before, all of this likely doesn't mean much.  Really, it all boils down to one simple word:  LOVE.  Love God, Love each other, Love ourselves, and yes, on our best days, we even try to Love our enemies.   That's a history worth celebrating.  That's a past worth living into the present.