1. We start with silence.  Just keep breathing.  It won't kill you.
  2. Grab the little blue book and copy your neighbor.  After a few visits, you'll get the stand up, sit down drill.
  3. Young kids - Let 'em go!  Crawling under the benches, whimpering, wailing, we've all been there.
  4. You'll hear a lot of the S word - SIN - at the start of the service.  Don't be afraid.  It's code for "we are all broken and all need fixing".  
  5. Fifteen minutes in to the service, the kids are invited up front for the Children's Story.   After the story, they can go downstairs for Sunday School.
  6. After the sermon, we say our prayers.  And after our prayers we greet each other with the Peace of Christ.  (handshakes and hugs)  It feels like the service is over, but not quite!
  7. After passing the peace, we offer an open communion every Sunday.  All are welcome to receive.
  8. And finally, join us for coffee and sweets after church.  We'd love to get to know you.


We Lutherans love ritual.  We're crazy about songs and silence, chants and communion.  

And yes, it is a lot like exercise.  Hard to get going on Sundays.  Sometimes hard to sit still through the service. But you feel great afterwards.